WP1: Project Management


Involved partners: ESA-ESTEC

HIKARI (which means “light” in Japanese) aims at pursuing and bringing one step further cooperation between Europe and Japan in the field of high-speed transport (HST).

The overall objective of Project Management (WP1) is to monitor & ensure high-standard progress of each work package, coordinate the different project activities, implement quality control mechanisms by issuing appropriate project standards (documentation structures, knowledge and quality management) and interface with the EU.

The project coordinator acts as the link between the EC and the consortium for technical, financial and administrative issues and organizes and chairs all Executive Board (EB) meetings. It also monitors the work progress according to the deliverables and milestones and plans corrective actions where required. Furthermore, he ensures the successful collaboration and the quick resolution of any difficulties or disputes which may arise. Finally, he assists in the interaction with the Japanese partners, in particular with respect to the management reporting required by the EC.

HIKARI Management Structure