MBDA France

Company Profile

MBDA France is owned by EADS 37.5%, BAe System 37.5% and Finemechanica 25%. MBDA France has a very long experience on ramjet technology development and operation. MBDA France was a major contributor to French national program PREPHA (1992/1997) (system studies, air inlet and supersonic combustion chamber design, computation and test). Since 1995, cooperation with the Moscow Aviation Institute led to perform combustion test (hydrogen and kerosene) up to Mach 8 conditions. High speed aircraft design, propulsion tests up to Mach 4.7 and propulsion system and trajectory assessment have been carried out during the Mach 5 AGV project. Since 2003, MBDA is leading with ONERA the LEA program aiming at demonstrating the design methodology and the capability to accurately predict the aero-propulsive performance of a hypersonic air-breathing vehicle by flight-testing an experimental 4m long vehicle in the Mach number range 4 to 8. Since last years, MBDA is contributing to European programs: LAPCAT II, ATLLAS and ATLLAS2 as well as ZEHST program.

Contribution to HIKARI

Within HIKARI program, MBDA France will contribute to the work package 2 dedicated to the cross evaluation of existing vehicle preliminary designs and will bring its experience in the field of hypersonic airbreathing vehicle to build the technology roadmap to be proposed at the end of the program. MBDA France will also lead the work package 5 focusing on thermal management. After some works dedicated to specific technology issues mainly related to heat transfer and energy conversion, MBDA France will focus on the methodology allowing to preliminary design and optimize a complete thermal management system for future high-speed air transport systems.

Company Address

MBDA France
No1, Avenue Réaumur 92350 Le Plessis-Robinson, FRANCE