HIKARI @ the 5th EASN International Workshop on Aerostructures

The HIKARI project had a strong presence in the 5th EASN International Workshop on Aerostructures held on September 2nd – 4th, 2015 on the University of Manchester, UK. The workshop was co – organized by the University of Manchester and the EASN Association and was endorsed by the Royal Aeronautical Society. In the frame of enhancing synergies between projects, the HIKARI project had the opportunity to take part in a dedicated session, so called “Successful EU –Japan Research Collaborations” accompanied by an interactive session with main aim the feedback for future collaborative actions. In the same session, the JEDI-ACE project and SUNJET II had been involved as well. During this event project related information was also disseminated through the display of the project banner and leaflets distribution.

HIKARI session @ the 5th EASN Workshop