Company Profile

AIRBUS Innovation Works is the research & technology entity of AIRBUS group. With sites in France, Germany, UK, Spain, Russia, USA, Singapore, India, and a workforce of more than 600, it provides world-class capabilities in aeronautics, defense and space research topics. Consistent with the AIRBUS research & technology strategy and covering the skills and technology fields that are of critical importance to the AIRBUS group, AIRBUS Innovation Works is organized in six trans-national Technical Capability Centers (TCC) and a Disruptive Concepts and Scenarios Center (DSCC). The six TCCs are: 1- Composites Technologies – 2-Metallic Technologies & Surface Engineering – 3-Structures Engineering, Production & Mechatronics – 4-Sensors, Electronics and Systems Integration – 5-Simulation, Information Technologies & Systems Engineering – 6-Energy and propulsion. AIRBUS Innovation Works is an operational and strategic entity for the creation of added value by technology innovation. It fosters technological excellence and business orientation through the sharing of competences and means between the various partners of EADS and it develops and maintain partnerships with world famous universities and research centers.

Contribution to HIKARI

AIRBUS Innovation Works will coordinate the HIKARI Project. The Project coordinator belongs to the Disruptive Concepts and Scenarios Center and will use the long built DSCC capability in managing Transversal Innovative Projects to ensure high standards in quality and reliability of the work delivered to the customer. In addition, AIRBUS IW will benefit from the DSCC experience accumulated through previous supersonic and hypersonic collaborations, both at national and international level. This includes the French-Japanese cooperation on Supersonic technologies, the SUNJET project, as well as the ZEHST hypersonic aircraft project.

Company Address

AIRBUS Innovation Works dpt. France
12, rue Pasteur, BP 76, 92150 Suresnes Cedex, France