Company Profile

CIRA is a non-profit public-private partnership, established in 1984 with facilities located in Capua over a 160 hectares area, among ASI (Italian Space Agency, 47%), CNR (National Council for Research, 5%), Campania Region (16%) and some Italian Aerospace Industries (32%). CIRA is an active member in all major European aerospace organizations such as EREA, GARTEUR, ACARE, and has about 350 employees and approximately 50 university students and PhD candidates a year. In 1984, the Italian Government entrusted CIRA the management of the Italian Aerospace Research Program (PRORA) to support the competitiveness of the Italian aerospace community by development of strategic research programs, development and operation of strategic testing facilities, enhancement of scientific competences and expertise. The Italian Government is supporting PRORA by means of a fixed contribution for development of strategic facilities and strategic research programs, and an annual grant for the operation of CIRA. Main fields of research are: unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles for access to space, aerospace propulsion, on-board systems and ATM, regional transport aircrafts and green rotorcrafts. Available test and qualification facilities are: plasma wind tunnel, icing wind tunnel, crash test facility, transonic wind tunnel, space qualification laboratory, acoustics and vibration laboratory, material technology laboratory, flight systems laboratory, ATM laboratory and computational centre.

Contribution to HIKARI

CIRA contribution to HIKARI project is in WP2.1 “Performance Assessment of High Speed Concepts” and WP2.2 “Roadmap for High-Speed Vehicle Concepts and Related Technologies on International Level”. All the experience gained in activities strongly related to HIKARI will be transferred to the project. In particular, regarding high-speed transportation vehicle concepts, CIRA will bring on-board the expertise of previous or on-going EU-FP7 projects such as LAPCAT-I, LAPCAT-II and FAST20XX, devoted to technology developments (aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, propulsion, trajectory optimization, GN&C, TPS, configuration trade-off, subsystems preliminary design, etc.) for the design of high-speed transportation systems, and such as HEXAFLY, a feasibility study of a scramjet-propelled vehicle flight experiment to demonstrate aero-propulsive balance and cruise efficiency. Of course, also the recent experience in the design and execution of some flight experimentation (USV national program flying test beds, ESA EXPERT and SHARK re-entry capsules) will be taken into account as well as all the technical assistance work CIRA is carrying out in the frame of ESA FLPP IXV program.

Company Address

Centro Italiano Ricerche Aerospaziali SCPA
Via Maiorise 1, 81043 Capua-Caserta, Italy